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I’m Afraid Of Your Words

Your words are sharp and fast

Your neck rises like a soldier

Your eyes glare to announce

the news from a troubled place

We duck when you open your mouth


Blood is spluttered everywhere

She clutches her stomach

disembowelled of dignity

He crouches to hide his body

that has been stripped bare


She was not standing in your way

He is not a weak man

You are shooting too hard

Words make no return trip

Make peace where they are born




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51% Is All I Need

The clapping and cheering made my rainbow

I only saw a few colours of it

Its’ gone and in its place is a gathering fog

Life sits around me heavily like a fat man

If I let it, it will squash me to death

The tunnel walks me around the world

Blind people keep snatching the light at the end of it

But that is less then half of the story

More than half of what I see is good

And 51% is all I need

to make them sit up and listen


I shop in an arcade of all my desires

I can’t buy for one reason or another

I am awarded multiple prizes

That can only be displayed at the end of the war

I continue to win battles in private

I am the warrior without a wound

The scales have tipped by one degree

So now I can hear the rhythm of mad men

And will show that they too can dance

Eyes deserted by shame will look up

What we are afraid of isn’t even here


The clock keeps ticking making me tired

Like my best years are behind me

My friends have built up fences

around their lives that are supposed to end

My body is older but my spirit is reborn

Crawling around in a track filled with runners

Am starting out in a new world

where they have seen many but are in awe of me

They cheer like the show has only just began

I do not turn my head

I must not lose sight of victory

that is just after the half way mark



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A Lost Memory

I don’t recall what I did on Monday

It belongs to a never-never world

I live in only a portion of my mind

Where there is more than enough room

for me to stretch out and grow

What I did on Monday may have been wrong

Or it could have frowned at what I need to do today

In my 20s I hurtled into the future

Blowing a thick dust and burying the past


I don’t remember the word

But I can tell you what it means

I used to have lots of vocabulary

I flowed succinctly and rapidly to applause

Now others unload their powerful bags of words

I do not envy or regret and I am not afraid

Maybe I talked too much

and what I said is enough

No one may have use for more of my words

If they do, I will remember what they need to hear


At 70 I may lose all of my mind

I will exit the stage like a dancer with no legs

I will hear the same thing for the first time

Everyday I will receive the new gift of my old dog

I will marvel at every sunset

I will not know why you look at me and cry

Please remember to serve me my githeri and tea

Though my mind may be lost for all words

Look into my joyful eyes

for the memory of pleasure



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Border Line

Fresh and clean, 11 a.m. ready

Ready to grasp the prospects

that are all over – my mind

Oil, comb and plait my hair

I’m my own hairdresser

on this penniless day

Tomorrow the cash in my pocket

will pick out the style of success

Today I’m between failure and a triumph


A neat shopping list in a new China bag

The orderly life of a strategic pensioner

Tidily tucking in preparation

for the new beginning

Technology is confusing and the cash machine

may have eaten up the allowance

for purchasing a revitalising start

in old men’s country

between senility and the golden years


New judges in new green gowns

Sombre faces burdened by a Nation’s hope

Picking out the rules from the ruins of law

The international fugitive will be arrested

But the roof, eaten up by the big men, caves in

Its tumultuous and she looses her temper

Building a country is like riding a cheetah

between anarchy and solid ground


Enough said and enough done

She draws the veil over her weary eyes

He looks hard but can’t see her anymore

A union made in heaven and mortgaged to hell

Now she can do anything and go anywhere

Toasting giddily to the future

when uninvited tears of loss and pain well up

between the broken heart and undying love





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Furiously scrubbing the collar

as though it were a sinful woman

An overheated iron fretfully presses off creases

like they were indiscipline in a lost teenager

The eggs are fried for so long

like a grudge for unrequited love

The torn shirt is useless and now just a rag

These trousers that shine like a mirror can’t be worn

And only the dog has a stomach for hard eggs


He says hello

She says he’s the real deal and her search is over

He takes her for tea

where she asks if there is another woman

She meets his mum

and starts to measure up the wedding gown

He’s looking for some fun in a land of the hungry

He unknowingly paces himself

in the center of a stampede for nuptials

He took a stroll in what looked like a park

and ended up in a ripped shirt and one shoe

She’s heaving not knowing whether to laugh

or cry at this fool who doesn’t want love


Its’ been only ten minutes but she’s asked him once,

twice, too many times to buy fish

She said she needs the pipe fixed yesterday,

last night and also this morning

If he doesn’t build a house now she will lose out,

pass out and then move out

He’s dazed like a shopper in a noisy market

By her nagging that drips like a tap

He checks out to give room for her perfect home



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My Church Is a Small Box

All my life I’ve talked to God. He has never failed me

But my church is a small box. I can’t fit in it and neither can God

To be a child of God, my church’s way, I need never have gone abroad

I need never have approached another person or idea with an open mind

This Christian doctrine and culture is like an ill fitting suit or a small shoe

I can only pretend that am fully covered and can make life’s journey

It takes barely two years for me to be done with a church and its talk

Last Sunday, my Pastor called Oprah an agent of the devil

The Pope says Africa is receiving spiritual trash. I agree

Shout! Shout Amen!

Thank God we now have noise pollution law to shut up the ruckus


Men chopping and dicing not to part with any power

She can preach but she can’t be the Pastor

Okay, she can be a Pastor but she can’t be an Elder

Your place is in hell if you drink or smoke

No, some wine is okay but keep off the beer and the liquor

These are the rules, the shifting rules of men and disobedience is called sin

Dance if you must but don’t gyrate over here

That swaying backside suffocates the Holy Spirit

There is no sin like a sex sin to work the church folk into a froth

Your hips and their desires have no place at the alter

If they think you are having sex where they say you should not

God may love you, but they won’t have you

You will be thrown out of the church

and they will work themselves into a righteous frenzy

To keep you out of the office of the Chief Justice


We pray for the President even if he may be a thief

Gloat and boast that he came to our church

We must be suspicious of Islam and reject a new Constitution

that gives Muslims the same rights as Christians

Even if the new law stops leaders from stealing from us

If God can hear the prayer of two or three people gathered together,

Why do I need to make the weekly pilgrimage to pray with the multitude?

If a book brought me salvation, why can’t I buy 10 copies for my friends

instead of giving the money to my church?

What’s in good music that draws in millions?

What did we feel when America elected a solid black man to be President?

What made Wangari’s teachings about trees a clear global call?

What causes a man to love his wife and care for his children all of his life?

The power of God is found in creations that may never have been to church


When I pray, there is always a light

God is always right here where I am

God visits my church as he does everywhere else





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