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I Will Not Be Finished

School days are now empty days

Those who can pay sit at their desks

I am drained by all the nothing I do

These Kikuyus want to control us

They want to finish us

He said this three years ago

when he also said that the Kikuyu government

had laid him off

My cousin repeats himself

His anger is as visible as his shoulder

through his threadbare shirt

The shirt was new when he last paid my fees

I look down at my torn shoes

Worn out from searching for a future

I stand as hatred rises

for Kikuyus who controlling

and finishing me


Kikuyus are spots that stain our land

My opinion has not changed

as I shift the jerry can

from my right hand to my left

This petrol will wipe off those dirty spots

They grab jobs in Nairobi

and land in Uasin Gishu

Five men of my Kipnyegei age set are running

Turn around! Turn around!

Those filthy spots have stolen the election!

They have run into the church!

I splash on the walls for the education that I miss

I splash on the door for our land

I splash on escaping children because I will not be controlled

I light the match because I will not be finished

The spots scream for help

Then they are silent

Its’ now my turn to receive help



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A Bright Path To Madness

He sits on the edge of his bed

Asks God what he should do

God walks over confidently

Leans into his ear

And whispers

You are of a special heritage

You will save your family

All those zig zag paths

will join into one big highway

He  gets up from his bed

with a spring to his step


Hello daughter!

That is a beautiful sweater!

This is the millionaire year!

Her eyes are also shouting

Her body aggressively spreads on the sofa

Many big words later

she needs small change

Just a little rice will do

A tiny donation of old clothes

Thank you daughter!

God bless you!




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I feel fear

It creeps up on me when I am not looking

When danger is imminent, fear is a fierce attacker

A black shark’s fin stabbing at my soul

A mugger holding onto my throat

A roiling dark sea drowning my lungs

An endless drizzle, making me cold and wet everywhere


Am still here. Nothing’s chasing me

Not the thief, the boss or a hungry stomach

There’s no danger, but all’s not well

There’s something heavy in the pit of my stomach

A sourness at home in my mouth

An apology everywhere

Am sitting in the smallest space, the furthest corner


This is fear. It is not me and it won’t leave me alone

I feel the pain, adjust my jacket and choose to live

The pain dissolves

Then fear tightly grabs my neck from behind

I can’t breath, I shift the strap of my bag and choose to live

The pain lets go

Then it pours from the sky soaking me with dread

Dear God! Help me God!


I have to choose fast

To live or die

To look at the face of fear

I take a breath, look at the darkness and live





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I Can’t Sleep

A big tight knot of sleep fills my head

Am lost in the fog

Slumber a highly anticipated event

constantly postponed


Today’s job is from yesterday

Am too tired and will try it tomorrow

I drink to nod off

Am in bed smiling and awake


I’ve stayed too long at the party

My eyes will not shut

because they are afraid

that they will miss something


The night I sleep will be like no other

All this sleep will make a headline

My arms and tongue will be spread out

It may be too much and may kill me



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