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I will not forget who I am

You, Me, Glory

The country has lots its bridle

Kenyans are running wild

Votes cast can’t be found

A twilight swearing-in ceremony

inviting the darkest night

Warriors chant, mothers run

Homes burn, men die

Angry feet stampede

Today no one will meet

where teargas fills the street


This is not who we are

We are not animals

We know how to count

The President is not the devil

Men do not thirst for blood

Protesters do not want to bring the country down

Women are full of love

Children dream and believe

We have just forgotten who we are


The envious voice is smooth

One day your luck will run out

The fearful words are definitive

You will die a violent death

The defeated spirit is clear

Your man will tame you into cotton wool

The shamed opinion comes first

Let me be honest, you are a mess

The negative response is natural

It will be challenging where you are

The anxious advice is for free

You must run around to survive


That is not who I am

The black rain does not mean a thing

You flail about and froth in the mouth

It has nothing to do with me

A lot has been stolen and I am still rich

I have all the time I need and

Age looks beautiful on me

I am a woman with all the good things

The roof has caved in and its’ warm inside

My leg is broken and I rest my mind

I will not forget who I am


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A Ride In The Pit

The cramp starts to grip

An abdominal scorpion

Going for a full bite

Am fighting for my life

In a bottomless pit

Breaths get short like money

My vision is blurred

My body might join my fortunes

In a free fall


Am flat on my back

In a hidden soft corner

No one must see me now

The pain makes me ugly

The journey to hell is long

Gasping and writhing on the way back

Eyeglasses and shoes are scattered

I will pick up the pieces

at the bottom of the pit

It’s so dark

It’s so painful

I might pass out


The scorpion lets go

My hair is dishevelled

My shirt is crumpled

Trousers lie on the floor

The struggle is over

I did not die

The light is bright

I breathe in the second wind

I shift the heaps of cash

and make room for a pillow

This money will not control me

I close my eyes and nap

At the bottom of my pit



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A Food Revelation

Swinging into the seat

Pulling it at the same time

Its’ lunch time

I’m bright as the light outside

Chicken juices spread around my plate

Stomach juices gush about – in anticipation

Taste buds know the flavour

even before the rice leaves the plate

Eyes glance with pleasure at my companions

I shift around my seat again

And lift the fork to my mouth


This can’t be simply eating

Goodness gushes down to my toes

A prize for all my labour

The joy of being alive

Sharing in the earth’s bounty

A comfort for all the hardship

A pure moment of happiness

My body getting another chance

Learning from the spice of a different world

I am so alive


I serve a second helping

Whatever I do will never be enough

Bad things keep coming at me

He must think am ugly

I will never own a thing

Everyone else just gets ahead

These times are really tough

The food pushes against the seams of my stomach

I can still feel him grabbing at my throat

I wish my dad had never left

I put the fork down

Push the seat slowly back

And leave the table


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