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Mad Money

The check has cashed in
so strongly, I can’t sit still
Things money can buy swirl in my head
Blood rushes into my heart
causing it to pound
to the rhythm of falling coins
I will find no rest
until some money is spent

A spring to my step
A glorious wet and grey day
Pay day, what a great day!
We can end world poverty
Bill Gates is I and I’m him
You and I will do great things
My back gets straighter
My voice louder
with every drink that I buy you

The Ferris wheel stops
I slowly lift open heavy eyelids
The white bills look back at me
Making it plain and clear
that nothing has changed
I stumble over new shoes
Heady consumption knocking me over
It’s a lousy sunny day
I’m wide awake and sane


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Is this for real?

Wi fi serves a high cuisine platter
Pampering cheeses, blue and soft
Transcendent wines of every continent
Tiramisu with an Italian accent
says ciao Nairobi

The Art Caffe, like an airport
The world in an African city
Languages of the United Nations
brew in Kenyan Arabica
and have a Spanish good morning
in olives, eggs, dried tomatoes and feta
This is Africa, where the choice is between
a plain or whole wheat baguette

Bagged red roses and Start-Rite shoes
make a stop at Mercury
A white cosmopolitan says welcome
UEFA kicking balls on ten screens
Lil Wayne talks to the mirror on the wall
Tightly skirted hips sway
IT geeks stare and give way
Is this African glitter really gold?
Or will the dust outside blow it away


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I can’t find the pavement
City Hall has lost it
Today’s blouses! At 200 shillings!
Stalls of plastic, cardboard and wood
Hurriedly, Hungrily, Aggressively
block my path
Vehicles and I do a waltz of death
Too powerless to tango to excellence
A green open area
was gang raped by corruption and ineptitude
Now a market without a dustbin
Garbage a growing mountain of stupidity
My gate is now a bus stop
Buses drop off success
and pick up failure


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Spotted Giant

Flows so strong, he blows my mind
He rhymes back and forth
We don’t know if we are coming or going
The music pulls us
We touch the highest heaven
A 9th grader leads us to a brand new world
It will never be the same again
He sings that he’s going to kill you
Bend over and take it like a slut
Signing off with the blast of a gun
We are shouting, jumping and screaming
We don’t hear him crushing
Weighed down by ambien and vicodin
Greatly missed as he battles demons
He is back and he’s not afraid

Thriller from a different species
A white black man with a pointed nose
Sounds like a woman walking on the moon
Getting babies as gifts while loving Dirty Diana
Continents are awed by this bad man
He is too high and must come down
People look small coz he stands too tall
They wish the fire had burnt him to death
He must be having sex with children
They ask the government to repeat
He is having sex with children!
The deafening mob cannot fell a giant
Retreating to a cave with his white offspring
He licks his wounds until they heal
He has sold 50 shows in London
This is it
But a wound starts to bleed
The giant drops
There is an earthquake


The thriller

He is not afraid
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I think I know you

I think I know you

Your name is Wamuyu

I will strain to hear your Kikuyu English

coming through brown teeth

You want to make a quick buck

The greeting is in crisp English

My eyelids bat rapidly

trying to brush off disorientation

A white smile dispels a stereotype

I will not short change you


I think I know you

Your blue eyes look up

A hand moves through the blonde mop

A wallet bulges under Ralph Lauren

carrying my ticket to the good life

Your hands together look humble

placed over my counter

An address between some jittery Euros

The Tropicana Hotel

Bedbugs will keep you company

Welcome to Nairobi and have a good life


I think I know you

Your dusty shoes are strangers to a car pedal

A worn briefcase filled with tired dreams

Sorry, I cannot help you

There is nothing here for you

Mr Macharia. Buying out the bank?

The hot wave of shocked shame

shooting to my feet

should open up the ground

and swallow me

And bury my assumptions


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