I think I know you

04 Jun

I think I know you

Your name is Wamuyu

I will strain to hear your Kikuyu English

coming through brown teeth

You want to make a quick buck

The greeting is in crisp English

My eyelids bat rapidly

trying to brush off disorientation

A white smile dispels a stereotype

I will not short change you


I think I know you

Your blue eyes look up

A hand moves through the blonde mop

A wallet bulges under Ralph Lauren

carrying my ticket to the good life

Your hands together look humble

placed over my counter

An address between some jittery Euros

The Tropicana Hotel

Bedbugs will keep you company

Welcome to Nairobi and have a good life


I think I know you

Your dusty shoes are strangers to a car pedal

A worn briefcase filled with tired dreams

Sorry, I cannot help you

There is nothing here for you

Mr Macharia. Buying out the bank?

The hot wave of shocked shame

shooting to my feet

should open up the ground

and swallow me

And bury my assumptions


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One response to “I think I know you

  1. BT

    June 4, 2012 at 3:54 pm

    Do not judge a book by its cover


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