Mad Money

24 Jun

The check has cashed in
so strongly, I can’t sit still
Things money can buy swirl in my head
Blood rushes into my heart
causing it to pound
to the rhythm of falling coins
I will find no rest
until some money is spent

A spring to my step
A glorious wet and grey day
Pay day, what a great day!
We can end world poverty
Bill Gates is I and I’m him
You and I will do great things
My back gets straighter
My voice louder
with every drink that I buy you

The Ferris wheel stops
I slowly lift open heavy eyelids
The white bills look back at me
Making it plain and clear
that nothing has changed
I stumble over new shoes
Heady consumption knocking me over
It’s a lousy sunny day
I’m wide awake and sane


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One response to “Mad Money

  1. BT

    June 24, 2012 at 7:28 am

    Plan before the crazy hits you


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