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Standing on broken legs

Courage, beauty, legacy

It still hurts

I can’t look too close at

your smile

Flashing and wide

over dark smooth skin

Your bright in the dark

Ghosts of the night

stealing forests and our sound

hated your light

You kept beaming

I shine


At 40 you sat on ashes

Prepared for a journey

A tornado of greed

caused you to rise

Flapping your wings

Shaking off hatred

Standing on broken legs

Swept off the ground

A mad woman’s dance?

You might crash and die

The phoenix fills the sky as

hawks of the night become very small


You call and

small hesitating steps answer

You put out a hand and

the world reached out

Children became humming birds

Women are free

Men regain their balance

Water sparkles

The air breathes

Soil comes alive

To grow the tree of life

that I climb

Thank you, Wangare



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A fight over a bone

Downtown Nairobi

for the love of country (Photo by Patrick Osodo)

Teeth full of mouth
Many stomachs in a man
A few hands on everything
Big feet stomp on a million heads
This was never in the plan
The country is overcast

Hunger sharpens a spear
Fear grows out anger
Ignorance reaches for blindness
The village flashes danger
A storm is gathering
Today 100 will die

The screams bounce off
high city walls where
politicians fight over a bone
A fierce wind calls
The dog that looses must win the war
Homes will be burnt to the ground

One policeman in a haystack
A sigh when he is found
The dark rain floods
Spears fly and he is pinned to the ground
His boss will not shoot
There will be a full-blown war

Gripes begin to stir
Trees crash and roofs fly
Across the country grudges wake
Bleeding children cry
Men run around a rusted warning:
This nation will fall

A heritage is drowning
Good men must now swim
The wise must let the water out
We will not live on a dog’s whim
Our homeland
We will stand to defend


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I want to look like you



A wild swinging bridge
over the ordinary to the extraordinary
The shine around our reflection
The kind they violently love to hate
Nestled in my IPod
You’re the one we all have of late

Its exciting to you see again
A resurrection of the rap
Shooting from the ambien tomb
Filling all my rhyming gaps
You’re the bright future of this craft

Your thumping way
– on which you healed
You’re that great journey that never ends
A rocking road where I dance
The distance I will travel

A magical mould where others are made
You’re that which is all of us
I want to look like you
Always stand tall
when you feel the ground quake


(below is another reason why…at 2.56 mins)

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Masterclass with Lemn Sissay

Am hidden on the right – second row. The master has his arms outstretched Look out for completed poem he got us to work on …poem was on a person we love.

Masterclass was at the StoryMoja Hayfestival in Nairobi.

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Home Song

A wide encircling deep full ensemble
Wind invites through the sax
Lightly powerfully taking off
Soaring above the piano
Through heartstrings of violins
In the company of a lone harp
Bass into the future
With a percussion of nostalgia
There are no words
Buoyant in this orchestra
We are all here
Heaven and home


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