I want to look like you

17 Sep



A wild swinging bridge
over the ordinary to the extraordinary
The shine around our reflection
The kind they violently love to hate
Nestled in my IPod
You’re the one we all have of late

Its exciting to you see again
A resurrection of the rap
Shooting from the ambien tomb
Filling all my rhyming gaps
You’re the bright future of this craft

Your thumping way
– on which you healed
You’re that great journey that never ends
A rocking road where I dance
The distance I will travel

A magical mould where others are made
You’re that which is all of us
I want to look like you
Always stand tall
when you feel the ground quake


(below is another reason why…at 2.56 mins)

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One response to “I want to look like you

  1. BT

    September 17, 2012 at 4:22 pm

    Yes, I know you’ve seen the pic before. Yes, I still love him. This is the completed poem from Lemn Sissay’s masterclass (see earlier post)


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