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Touching the dream

Wake up! (Photo by John Scully)

Eyes open to a day that’s still under a veil
The heavy head is certain only of fog
The body aches for more rest
The dawn and the birds will hear none of it
Under the covers dreams can only be seen
They will be touched only with feet on the ground

The bedpost stabs the toe as a wake up call
Water rinses off the night
A blind man buttons a shirt
The radio is still in a bad mood
He only wants to talk about arguments and death
This breakfast will never be remembered

She flies off the ledge as fingers touch the keyboard
Almost knocking me over with excitement
Waving in trees, roads and people
All of them dressed up for a journey
They move in and out and make friends and foe
The day grows into a thumping new world


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A chardonnay of smooth words

A world in a word (Photo by Storymoja)

Picking out sessions like diamonds
The ticket arrives days in advance
wrapped in fresh white
This is too good to enjoy alone
Mail to family and posts to facebook
A regular taxi is on call
I make favourite egg, avocado,
tomato and lettuce sandwiches
Lemn Sissay boards to Nairobi
My heart has a date with a poet

Billy Kahora says kwani? honed the craft
Lauri Kubuitsile’s books are in Botswana classes
I feel a pure joy
Jung Chang honors Wangare Maathai
with centuries of China
Dinaw Mengestu moves fast
Lemn is a mad man who won’t stop talking
I have finally come home
Lola Shoneyin is hot and gripping
Capturing us without apology
Sitawa Namwalie still does not care and
Imtiaz Dharker at 4ft stretches to the sky
I smile from underneath my skin

Eating, drinking and bathing
at the same time
It’s a feast of all flavours
Skipping, rolling and swimming
in warm pure chocolate
A chardonnay of smooth words
slides down my grateful throat
Lines roll on the tongue
like vanilla icecream with brazil nuts
My spirit closes her eyes and raises her hands
Artists worship on holy ground
I will never forget it



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I am possessed

Who is this? (Photo by John Scully)

I am minding my business
You’re keenly watching
crouched and ears pointed
My dark stories bore
a black panther

I am not paying attention
You are always alert
The dark cloud is a rain cloud
Screaming that it’s a huge storm
you leap fiercely towards the sky

Knocking me out
you enter through my ear
My eyes turn green and wild
My nails grow into hard claws
I snarl, scratch and tear
A cat in your jungle

Panthers have no fear
I can bring the whole house down
Break bones one by one
Grind these people into powder
Show them who I am
It is me who is the King

I have rattled him
She shakes in fits
I am possessed
but have nothing to gain
I step back
Your dark, foul and bitter presence



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