All the head noise

09 Dec

Too much going on in here (photo by John Scully)

Too much going on in here (photo by John Scully)

He thinks I am nothing
I don’t fit in because am different
I talk too much and no one is listening
I see the indifference through closed eyes
Don’t let bad thoughts ruin a perfect day
There goes that noisy neighbour again
God’s ready for me and I need to step up
Heaven and earth fight for my views
She is racing me into the bathroom
Its okay, I can wait a few more minutes
I had better get up now

Am too tired to exercise
I will remain tired unless I exercise
Its’ a fact etched in mental stone
These sheets are now discoloured
Am so fed up of the Airtel spam
Random thoughts steal my clarity
These track bottoms are old and ugly
I have great nike shoes
My mind now competes on Formula 1
Can’t wait until this run is over
Will I make it all the way?
Just focus on lifting one foot after another
Slow down, maintain a steady mind rate

I’m 44 and am the greatest
Am slim and I step so light
I look so fit, focused and fortunate
Good, this is the halfway mark
Inhaling love, exhaling fear
Oh dear, I forgot to use sunblock again
Eating something really helps
Need to turn right to watch for cars
There are so many poor people
The brain spin in never over until its’ over
Nice, the end is in sight
I have done it again as I always do
Its all the head noise that gets in the way
My gift of life keeps giving


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