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An Orange Scarf

Photo by John Scully

Photo by John Scully

She asks me which is better:

The red or the orange scarf

An endearing smile of

grace and beauty

curved over sixty years

She doesn’t need a scarf

and my stranger opinion doesn’t matter

Her bony hands have delivered large loads

Good friends came and went

She knows feuds have no gain

and that the sun sets

on all things laughed and cried over

So she honours her heartbeat

with an orange scarf

And gives me a broad second smile





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A Lost Memory

I don’t recall what I did on Monday

It belongs to a never-never world

I live in only a portion of my mind

Where there is more than enough room

for me to stretch out and grow

What I did on Monday may have been wrong

Or it could have frowned at what I need to do today

In my 20s I hurtled into the future

Blowing a thick dust and burying the past


I don’t remember the word

But I can tell you what it means

I used to have lots of vocabulary

I flowed succinctly and rapidly to applause

Now others unload their powerful bags of words

I do not envy or regret and I am not afraid

Maybe I talked too much

and what I said is enough

No one may have use for more of my words

If they do, I will remember what they need to hear


At 70 I may lose all of my mind

I will exit the stage like a dancer with no legs

I will hear the same thing for the first time

Everyday I will receive the new gift of my old dog

I will marvel at every sunset

I will not know why you look at me and cry

Please remember to serve me my githeri and tea

Though my mind may be lost for all words

Look into my joyful eyes

for the memory of pleasure



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