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51% Is All I Need

The clapping and cheering made my rainbow

I only saw a few colours of it

Its’ gone and in its place is a gathering fog

Life sits around me heavily like a fat man

If I let it, it will squash me to death

The tunnel walks me around the world

Blind people keep snatching the light at the end of it

But that is less then half of the story

More than half of what I see is good

And 51% is all I need

to make them sit up and listen


I shop in an arcade of all my desires

I can’t buy for one reason or another

I am awarded multiple prizes

That can only be displayed at the end of the war

I continue to win battles in private

I am the warrior without a wound

The scales have tipped by one degree

So now I can hear the rhythm of mad men

And will show that they too can dance

Eyes deserted by shame will look up

What we are afraid of isn’t even here


The clock keeps ticking making me tired

Like my best years are behind me

My friends have built up fences

around their lives that are supposed to end

My body is older but my spirit is reborn

Crawling around in a track filled with runners

Am starting out in a new world

where they have seen many but are in awe of me

They cheer like the show has only just began

I do not turn my head

I must not lose sight of victory

that is just after the half way mark



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