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attention to detail

attention to detail

Another girl in a suit
will attend to me and
I will be gone
A slender hand holds the pen
Filed nails, the revelation
Shiny varnish a confirmation
of love
That was yesterday and
I can still see that hand

A sharp crease down a trouser
of one who stands tall
The polished shoe
defines a stride in confidence
A clean scalp below dark twists
knows of the bright future
Sparkling white teeth
share a tender secret
Everything is smiling and
I want to hug myself


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A single heart

He sounds like me

Intelligent and compassionate

The stranger could be mine

Without reason,

that notion transports me

I have crossed over

on the bridge of my heartstrings

I can never return

These affections fit like skin


Can you hear me?

My intention is veiled

I don’t mean my words

If you are mine,

you will see through this thick glass

I will not bare myself

My eyes could not look

at spurned nakedness


I hold onto the chord

Dancing alone

Onlookers think it’s a loser’s swing

That I will hit the ground hard

I do not fall

So I believe

that you hold the other end


I don’t know how long I wait

I could live a year on your one word

Your kind smile

carries me through seasons

My arms ache

longing to be touched

I run out of couched messages

There is now only one step

I let go



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