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Community Talk

Half a glance and half a smile
A need and a fear on a middle ground
Strangers trying to talk
A full lone sentence is madness
Total silence is denial
that will grow into an explosion

Finally a voice is raised
Several smiles have made it safe
Passengers become family
The cash office is made into a home
Eyes can meet
No one could do this alone

The fence is measured with lines spoken
Sometimes by a mental record of time
Group sense that ends the talk
Boundaries are needed for banter
Before familiarity breeds contempt
Only so much can be shared in a bus
She will not pay your fare
You must alight at your own stop


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I’m Afraid Of Your Words

Your words are sharp and fast

Your neck rises like a soldier

Your eyes glare to announce

the news from a troubled place

We duck when you open your mouth


Blood is spluttered everywhere

She clutches her stomach

disembowelled of dignity

He crouches to hide his body

that has been stripped bare


She was not standing in your way

He is not a weak man

You are shooting too hard

Words make no return trip

Make peace where they are born




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