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She will not be ignored

She says what she likes

She says what she likes

Opinion enlarged on itself
Unannounced and unapologetic
It raises my eyebrows high
Surprising my eyes wide open
How can she be so sure?
I chuckle to myself

Endless mindless drivel?
Is she ignorant or are we foolish?
We can’t answer coz she continues to spit on the mic
“An unemployed man is a new phenomenon,
Men were always on a hustle,
A young man who does not work is dangerous,
Girlfriend, forget what he tells you,
If the car is not on your name and you do not pay insurance,
You are a glorified driver,
How long did you say his penis was?
Yes. There you have it. I just asked”

The mic stays hot
She decided yesterday what you’ll talk about today
Filling empty minds
Banging on rigid ones
Riding on strategic ones
Sending pretentious MPs to pay tax
Feeding the hungry
Moving angry voters forward
Hate her, love her
We cannot ignore Caroline Mutoko


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Spotted Giant

Flows so strong, he blows my mind
He rhymes back and forth
We don’t know if we are coming or going
The music pulls us
We touch the highest heaven
A 9th grader leads us to a brand new world
It will never be the same again
He sings that he’s going to kill you
Bend over and take it like a slut
Signing off with the blast of a gun
We are shouting, jumping and screaming
We don’t hear him crushing
Weighed down by ambien and vicodin
Greatly missed as he battles demons
He is back and he’s not afraid

Thriller from a different species
A white black man with a pointed nose
Sounds like a woman walking on the moon
Getting babies as gifts while loving Dirty Diana
Continents are awed by this bad man
He is too high and must come down
People look small coz he stands too tall
They wish the fire had burnt him to death
He must be having sex with children
They ask the government to repeat
He is having sex with children!
The deafening mob cannot fell a giant
Retreating to a cave with his white offspring
He licks his wounds until they heal
He has sold 50 shows in London
This is it
But a wound starts to bleed
The giant drops
There is an earthquake


The thriller

He is not afraid
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