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Touching the dream

Wake up! (Photo by John Scully)

Eyes open to a day that’s still under a veil
The heavy head is certain only of fog
The body aches for more rest
The dawn and the birds will hear none of it
Under the covers dreams can only be seen
They will be touched only with feet on the ground

The bedpost stabs the toe as a wake up call
Water rinses off the night
A blind man buttons a shirt
The radio is still in a bad mood
He only wants to talk about arguments and death
This breakfast will never be remembered

She flies off the ledge as fingers touch the keyboard
Almost knocking me over with excitement
Waving in trees, roads and people
All of them dressed up for a journey
They move in and out and make friends and foe
The day grows into a thumping new world


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Repeat, Repeat, Repeat

Suzanne Owiyo performing at the Free the Hungry Billion Concert at the Bomas of Kenya
Lather the skin
Launder the shirt
Brush the shoes
Brush the shoes
Launder the shirt
Lather the skin

Existence by rotation
Living in circles
Rewind as a move forward
Doing it like clockwork
Life, a broken record
I could cry of boredom
Out loud like a zombie
Dizzy from going around

Read mail
Make the call
Write the cheque
Write the cheque
Make the call
Read mail

Return for new memories
Repetition to make perfect
Redoing for upkeep
Dailyness is survival
Reworking for another chance
Reappear and make new friends
Restart for a new opportunity
Routine for growth

Write your story
Read your lines
Draw your vision
Draw your vision
Read your lines
Write your story

Circles for a critical tangent
A hit from a thousand gigs
The baby walks after many meals
A star is born with several moons
The bestseller is miles of lines
27 years made Mandela
Many encounters form a legacy
Yarns criss and cross to make cloth
Facebook is one friend and then another
Peace is born of many handshakes

Each baby has her own thumbprint
Each dawn its sky
A new country its own world
Every song its melody
Each day its promise
Today’s poem has a new message
A raindrop is like no other
The sun sets for today’s tears
Receive from yesterday to give to tomorrow

Repeat, Repeat, Repeat


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