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A fight over a bone

Downtown Nairobi

for the love of country (Photo by Patrick Osodo)

Teeth full of mouth
Many stomachs in a man
A few hands on everything
Big feet stomp on a million heads
This was never in the plan
The country is overcast

Hunger sharpens a spear
Fear grows out anger
Ignorance reaches for blindness
The village flashes danger
A storm is gathering
Today 100 will die

The screams bounce off
high city walls where
politicians fight over a bone
A fierce wind calls
The dog that looses must win the war
Homes will be burnt to the ground

One policeman in a haystack
A sigh when he is found
The dark rain floods
Spears fly and he is pinned to the ground
His boss will not shoot
There will be a full-blown war

Gripes begin to stir
Trees crash and roofs fly
Across the country grudges wake
Bleeding children cry
Men run around a rusted warning:
This nation will fall

A heritage is drowning
Good men must now swim
The wise must let the water out
We will not live on a dog’s whim
Our homeland
We will stand to defend


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