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She Must Come To Pass


Don't Resist     Photo by John Scully

Don’t Resist
Photo by John Scully

A collision casts the dice

An inevitable trajectory

Growth with a mind and life all its own

What you think or want doesn’t matter

Termination will be bloody

You could die or be torn in two

by strangers minding your business

Shouting for life, pulling your right leg

Screaming choice, hanging on your left


Weighting to heaviness

Slowing down to sitting

You are immobilized

Gnawing, scratching, wrenching

This wild cat won’t let you be

A slow walk of pacification

A deep breath to explain all will be well

You are wasting your effort

The traveller must get to the destination

Howling, lunging and clawing you

By the loins swinging and ripping

Life and death may be in a contest


The ground you rest on is hard

Your hands hold onto what is due

Your bloodied eyes look

into desolation and abandonment

You spread out in acceptance and surrender

Educated fibres lean in and push

Trained bones move into position

Hope and faith smooth out a way

She is strong in the North

Fruit is ripe in the East and West

The South kicks into a dance

A country is born and opens her eyes










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Grandmaster Jay’s eyes say no

he looks up, she looks up to him

he looks up, she looks up to him

Three year old hands thump to a rhythm
Small feet dance hard to a song
She cries inconsolably to sing to the clean version
Memorizing lines to exhaustion
She will recite tomorrow
even if it kills her
Cameras flash as a skirt twirls

Singing and dancing is for elementary school
Teens are pushed into a crowded science train
Piano lessons and dance classes
pile up on a heap of broken promises
The geography teacher talks
Contours and fault lines move above her head
while her foot thumps to the staccato of his voice

She would like to fold away her dark life like a carpet
Grandmaster Jay’s eyes say no
He keeps a vigilant watch from her wall
Sniggers rudely burst out into laughter
The mic grows cold and heavy
Her big toes look away and face each other
Her lunch wants to return to her mouth
A voice is raised for Grandmaster Jay

A young rhythm evokes loud screams
Light footed dancing creates mania
Twenty five year old words
form lines that draw tears
Hands are raised to the new sound
She raises her eyes to the face in the sky
And sings the song of heaven
To the new world that she has made



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