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I can’t find the pavement
City Hall has lost it
Today’s blouses! At 200 shillings!
Stalls of plastic, cardboard and wood
Hurriedly, Hungrily, Aggressively
block my path
Vehicles and I do a waltz of death
Too powerless to tango to excellence
A green open area
was gang raped by corruption and ineptitude
Now a market without a dustbin
Garbage a growing mountain of stupidity
My gate is now a bus stop
Buses drop off success
and pick up failure


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A Ride In The Pit

The cramp starts to grip

An abdominal scorpion

Going for a full bite

Am fighting for my life

In a bottomless pit

Breaths get short like money

My vision is blurred

My body might join my fortunes

In a free fall


Am flat on my back

In a hidden soft corner

No one must see me now

The pain makes me ugly

The journey to hell is long

Gasping and writhing on the way back

Eyeglasses and shoes are scattered

I will pick up the pieces

at the bottom of the pit

It’s so dark

It’s so painful

I might pass out


The scorpion lets go

My hair is dishevelled

My shirt is crumpled

Trousers lie on the floor

The struggle is over

I did not die

The light is bright

I breathe in the second wind

I shift the heaps of cash

and make room for a pillow

This money will not control me

I close my eyes and nap

At the bottom of my pit



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