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Muringo, You are a Special Girl

The Special Girl

Your classroom is dark
The witches are girls
Hissing at your bright laughter
They hate your spark that reflects
on their torn and stained souls
They charge at you
Wrestle you to the ground
And snatch the light from your eyes

Your world is now foggy
But you try to smile
Surely they must know
that you want to be friends
She responds in a grimace
Sharpening all your pencils
Like hope into trash
Puts your sharpener and eraser
with your future into her pocket
Fiercely rips your confidence with your shorts
This is not school
It’s the home of the devil

They say that you are ugly
You can’t use the toilet
Slapping the back of your head
And cutting into your palm
Your teacher is blind
and can’t see the mob
Stoning you with hatred
Your spirit is broken
Your neck hangs limp
You can’t lift your head
But your mother
has heard your whimper
Those who love you
have heard your whisper.

You are a special girl.
You are a great musician.


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I Will Not Be Finished

School days are now empty days

Those who can pay sit at their desks

I am drained by all the nothing I do

These Kikuyus want to control us

They want to finish us

He said this three years ago

when he also said that the Kikuyu government

had laid him off

My cousin repeats himself

His anger is as visible as his shoulder

through his threadbare shirt

The shirt was new when he last paid my fees

I look down at my torn shoes

Worn out from searching for a future

I stand as hatred rises

for Kikuyus who controlling

and finishing me


Kikuyus are spots that stain our land

My opinion has not changed

as I shift the jerry can

from my right hand to my left

This petrol will wipe off those dirty spots

They grab jobs in Nairobi

and land in Uasin Gishu

Five men of my Kipnyegei age set are running

Turn around! Turn around!

Those filthy spots have stolen the election!

They have run into the church!

I splash on the walls for the education that I miss

I splash on the door for our land

I splash on escaping children because I will not be controlled

I light the match because I will not be finished

The spots scream for help

Then they are silent

Its’ now my turn to receive help



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