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Have you heard?

Have you heard?
You haven’t heard?
You don’t know?
Where have you been?

He won’t be President
He is not well
Yeah, he has really bad diabetes
Those red eyes and that limp
He is really not well
You haven’t heard?
Everybody in Nairobi knows
Like the way they know that
I’m a big mouth
on a small man
I need to bring big people down to my level
I am loosing and so no one will win
I have to slow him down
He is not well

Have you heard?
They parted ways ages ago
She’s been living in South Africa for years
They just put up a front for the campaign
His mother insisted that he ran
He is not his own man
You don’t know?
That’s why he drinks so much
Like the way I talk too much
all over people’s business
Nothing is happening in my life
My dreams got sober, got cold and died
That gets me flustered
I insist that he goes to bed with a Tusker
Sloshing himself into the night
You haven’t heard?
You don’t know?
Where have you been?

She is no parliamentary trailblazer
She is sleeping with him!
He just bought her a house
with hard cash
She’s lost all her principles
Now a gun for hire
You don’t know?
She has sold her soul
Like the way I have no goals
The ghosts from my past constantly shift the posts
My kicks always miss the mark
I get mad because she’s scoring
I put her in bed with the MPs on her side
She is a high class hooker
You haven’t heard?
You don’t know?
Where have you been?

He beats his wife
Its’ hard to believe
He appears to be such a nice guy
but he is cheating on her
She told the Pastor to pray
You don’t know?
The things wives must endure
because I have no man near
Am alone and that makes me bitter
From my single base I am a full time hater
of all who are together
Yeah, that’s right
He is a wife beater

Have you heard?
The Chinese are breeding big time
Babies with Chinese looks
are being born
all along the Thika highway
Kikuyu drunks are on notice
What they cannot do, the Chinese will
China is a super power
building a super highway
and making super children
You haven’t heard!
Anyone in the village can tell you!

Anyway, the super highway will be a walk way
No one will ride anywhere
They have given up on managing traffic
Too many people are dying on the roads
They will announce that we will walk everywhere

Have you heard?
Terror is getting rough
Kenyans will be required to wear helmets
and bulletproof jackets
The jackets will have three sizes
For no bust, a small bust and a big bust
The helmet will have your name at the front
and email address at the back

Have you heard?
Barack Obama is outside here
He will attend the Open Mic
He told Binyavanga that he could not miss another night
You haven’t heard!
You don’t know?
Where have you been?


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I will not forget who I am

You, Me, Glory

The country has lots its bridle

Kenyans are running wild

Votes cast can’t be found

A twilight swearing-in ceremony

inviting the darkest night

Warriors chant, mothers run

Homes burn, men die

Angry feet stampede

Today no one will meet

where teargas fills the street


This is not who we are

We are not animals

We know how to count

The President is not the devil

Men do not thirst for blood

Protesters do not want to bring the country down

Women are full of love

Children dream and believe

We have just forgotten who we are


The envious voice is smooth

One day your luck will run out

The fearful words are definitive

You will die a violent death

The defeated spirit is clear

Your man will tame you into cotton wool

The shamed opinion comes first

Let me be honest, you are a mess

The negative response is natural

It will be challenging where you are

The anxious advice is for free

You must run around to survive


That is not who I am

The black rain does not mean a thing

You flail about and froth in the mouth

It has nothing to do with me

A lot has been stolen and I am still rich

I have all the time I need and

Age looks beautiful on me

I am a woman with all the good things

The roof has caved in and its’ warm inside

My leg is broken and I rest my mind

I will not forget who I am


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