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Mad Money

The check has cashed in
so strongly, I can’t sit still
Things money can buy swirl in my head
Blood rushes into my heart
causing it to pound
to the rhythm of falling coins
I will find no rest
until some money is spent

A spring to my step
A glorious wet and grey day
Pay day, what a great day!
We can end world poverty
Bill Gates is I and I’m him
You and I will do great things
My back gets straighter
My voice louder
with every drink that I buy you

The Ferris wheel stops
I slowly lift open heavy eyelids
The white bills look back at me
Making it plain and clear
that nothing has changed
I stumble over new shoes
Heady consumption knocking me over
It’s a lousy sunny day
I’m wide awake and sane


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Is this for real?

Wi fi serves a high cuisine platter
Pampering cheeses, blue and soft
Transcendent wines of every continent
Tiramisu with an Italian accent
says ciao Nairobi

The Art Caffe, like an airport
The world in an African city
Languages of the United Nations
brew in Kenyan Arabica
and have a Spanish good morning
in olives, eggs, dried tomatoes and feta
This is Africa, where the choice is between
a plain or whole wheat baguette

Bagged red roses and Start-Rite shoes
make a stop at Mercury
A white cosmopolitan says welcome
UEFA kicking balls on ten screens
Lil Wayne talks to the mirror on the wall
Tightly skirted hips sway
IT geeks stare and give way
Is this African glitter really gold?
Or will the dust outside blow it away


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