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An Orange Scarf

Photo by John Scully

Photo by John Scully

She asks me which is better:

The red or the orange scarf

An endearing smile of

grace and beauty

curved over sixty years

She doesn’t need a scarf

and my stranger opinion doesn’t matter

Her bony hands have delivered large loads

Good friends came and went

She knows feuds have no gain

and that the sun sets

on all things laughed and cried over

So she honours her heartbeat

with an orange scarf

And gives me a broad second smile





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A Food Revelation

Swinging into the seat

Pulling it at the same time

Its’ lunch time

I’m bright as the light outside

Chicken juices spread around my plate

Stomach juices gush about – in anticipation

Taste buds know the flavour

even before the rice leaves the plate

Eyes glance with pleasure at my companions

I shift around my seat again

And lift the fork to my mouth


This can’t be simply eating

Goodness gushes down to my toes

A prize for all my labour

The joy of being alive

Sharing in the earth’s bounty

A comfort for all the hardship

A pure moment of happiness

My body getting another chance

Learning from the spice of a different world

I am so alive


I serve a second helping

Whatever I do will never be enough

Bad things keep coming at me

He must think am ugly

I will never own a thing

Everyone else just gets ahead

These times are really tough

The food pushes against the seams of my stomach

I can still feel him grabbing at my throat

I wish my dad had never left

I put the fork down

Push the seat slowly back

And leave the table


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