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A dance to truth

Listen…(Photo by John Scully)

It’s not her but the other
who must hear the sound
Stop his stumble
and change his style
Self righteousness stiffens her spine

60 years of history
Elongate fear
Foment lies
Cement prejudices
Increase the players
who live on these hills

The land and the players
do a tense muomboko dance
It’s a curtain call
A two step ordered by the government
Toes will be stepped on
They must not be crushed

She must swing
Not march like a soldier
There are no chosen ones
All players will be twirled
Sharp tongues and their two left feet
are shown the door
The land only does a jig
to the sound of truth


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Love As A Lesson

You are amazing

My heart skips with delight

Laughter tosses my head back

My feet kick into the happy air

You are a magician

Spinning tales I’ve never heard

Painting a new world

Touching every fibre of my being

Drawing out desires

I didn’t even know were there

Wrapping me up in wonder

You will be my friend


Beneath the spark you smoulder

You only see the ashes

An ugly face. A crooked body

A twisted soul. A deformed spirit

You don’t know who you are

Voices in your head start shouting

You run all over town

talking too much

Holding onto my skirt

until it rips

I can’t breath

My heart gets very still

My cool eyes meet your frantic ones

You can no longer be my friend


My firm stride shrugs my head

I swing far and wide

Darts fly from my mouth

People see me and run

I go home alone

The TV talks but refuses to hear me

Rice looks lonely on one plate

The phone will not sing

My lips curl downwards

A frown curves over my brow

My wide knobbed feet drag

I look into the mirror

You look back at me

We agree to be kind





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