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Anxiety speaks in hush tones

New life breaking from another

It may kill the mother

Sweat trickles down the face of the father

Its’ been too many hours,

Oh God our heavenly father

She’s born with all her ten toes

Made on earth with heaven’s guarantee


Kenyans voted but won’t count

Words and machetes fly

Big white men give it a try

Our children cry

We look up to the sky

Those who duel must both win

Hateful flames smoulder into resentful ashes

She runs with her husband’s head in a bag

Only the divine can restore the flag from this rag


A smile for all our hearts

He can think in, out and around

But his teeth and his brains are black

And will stain the superpower

He must take his place at the back of the bus

The child of the slave goes down on her knees

Sangomas rattle rocks in their own blood

Men in luminous agbada call on the Holy Ghost

The world of colour turns pale on a long fast

Men in white open White House gates

for the black man


The ground moves from under me

Dad alive was our powerhouse

In his death he is overwhelming us

A chapter viciously ripped from our lives

Our beautiful faces ugly with grief

Dear God, help me!

I hold onto a chair for Almighty support

The earth slowly stops swaying

My father smiles and swaggers on home



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