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Border Line

Fresh and clean, 11 a.m. ready

Ready to grasp the prospects

that are all over – my mind

Oil, comb and plait my hair

I’m my own hairdresser

on this penniless day

Tomorrow the cash in my pocket

will pick out the style of success

Today I’m between failure and a triumph


A neat shopping list in a new China bag

The orderly life of a strategic pensioner

Tidily tucking in preparation

for the new beginning

Technology is confusing and the cash machine

may have eaten up the allowance

for purchasing a revitalising start

in old men’s country

between senility and the golden years


New judges in new green gowns

Sombre faces burdened by a Nation’s hope

Picking out the rules from the ruins of law

The international fugitive will be arrested

But the roof, eaten up by the big men, caves in

Its tumultuous and she looses her temper

Building a country is like riding a cheetah

between anarchy and solid ground


Enough said and enough done

She draws the veil over her weary eyes

He looks hard but can’t see her anymore

A union made in heaven and mortgaged to hell

Now she can do anything and go anywhere

Toasting giddily to the future

when uninvited tears of loss and pain well up

between the broken heart and undying love





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